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We cleanse tainted reputations for both individuals and law firms with proven organic strategies that replace negative content with quality videos, blogs, press releases and other sites that market our clients. A damaged reputation can cost millions of dollars in lost cases.

High-Profile Campaigns for Lawyers

Online reputation management (ORM) is a term that refers to either a company’s or an individual’s profile on websites throughout the Internet. With so many ways to damage a person’s reputation and credibility online it is crucial to maintain a good profile for your law firm. legal online reputation managementLegalsophia is experienced in providing long-term online reputation management campaigns for those who have been targeted for slander or unfair reviews, compromising photographs and any other un-wanted content. When you fail to be proactive in providing unique content about your company or yourself your reputation is up for grabs by nefarious parties and many third-party websites that piggyback on your name for their own intentions.

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Remove Negative Content from Ripoffreport, 800notes, Yelp and Other Sites

Legalsophia has a proven record of success when it comes to removing results from attack sites like ripoffreport, 800notes, yelp and others from search results. These sites operate under the pretext of providing objective reviews of companies when in fact they are largely powerful platforms for people with an axe to grind (disgruntled employees, ex-wives/husbands, jealous people, etc.) and competitors who use them to damage reputations for their own vindictive purposes. On many review sites including Yelp, google maps, and others, people can post, often without any accountability and severely damage the reputation and livelihood of individuals and law offices.

Legalsophia online reputation management campaigns include protecting lawyers:

Bad Yelp Reviews
Twitter Harassment
Cyber Stalking
Facebook Harassment
Rip Off Reports

Google “Scam” Removal and Suggested Search Manipulation

Legalsophia is experienced in removing damaging, slanderous, or embarrassing content and over-riding it with more appropriate and flattering content. Our ORM campaigns take an organic approach that includes many basic search engine optimization aspects that can bring more business your way.

Each of our organic ORM campaigns includes the following tactics and features:

  • removal of “scam” from your law firm’s name on search engines
  • replacement of negative content with positive marketing content
  • custom keyword research
  • custom meta tag writing
  • custom backlink creation
  • custom social media networking
  • custom third-party article writing
  • custom video marketing
  • custom brand creation
  • custom online presence building
  • custom keyword generation generation
  • custom search suggestion generation


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Removing One Bad Review Can Improve Sales by More than 289%!

Remove Problem Photos!

Compromising Photo? We remove unwanted images such as Facebook photos, review photos or arrest records from all search engine results. We can repair your identity and your company’s reputation with techniques that displace negative and unwanted images with content that markets you in the best possible light!

Remove Bad Reviews!

Got a bad review online? We remove negative reviews from search engine results and replace them in strategic locations with authentic testimonials and reviews that paint your business a beautiful picture. Studies have show that one bad review can cost you more than 40% in monthly sales!


Remove Ripoff Report!

Have you been hurt by a bad review on No need to worry! We remove Ripoff Report reviews from searches associated with you and your company. We utilize Google-approved techniques that enhance  your marketing profile online, increase your search rankings and restore your good name!

Remove 800 Notes!

Have you been hurt by a post in We remove all mentions of your name and you company’s identity including staff members, phone numbers and addresses on review sites like 800 notes. Our team of engineers and writers is adept at replacing these anonymous results with client-approved materials!

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